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SS: 004 Saturday in the Studio

Hello readers, In the last post I wrote about how I start developing my ideas for a painting. At the end of the post I hinted at more information on how I begin working with images. I will be posting a blog about the next part in that topic sometime this week or next weekend at the latest. Its in the last hour of the day on this Saturday night 1/30/16 and I'm hoping to squeeze this post in before the day ends. Since graduating from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point I've been working almost full time at a screen printing business in Stevens Point and two hours a week at a new school called Point of Discovery. Finding the time and motivation usually isn't too much of a problem for me d

SS: 003 / How do I start a painting?

First I want to thank those who have expressed interest in the first blog posts, it is motivating for me and greatly appreciated! In this blog I was asked by a great friend of mine and talented artist, Dillon Bay, who asked if I could cover how I envision one of my paintings? How I would describe the mental steps I take before applying any paint to canvas. Thank you Dillon for your thoughts I hope this will make sense to everyone. I know that sometimes my typing rants only make sense to me, but I will do my best not to get too wordy. I'm thinking that this topic will best be covered in sections. This post will be a perfect follow up from the previous post that discussed my subject matter and

SS: 002 / Who Are These People?

Well... I already forgot about Monday's post! DANG IT! Due to missing yesterday's post I will cover a more serious topic today. Maybe skipping a day or two will be a better goal for posting in this blog. In the pictures above are distant relatives on my mother's side of the family. What I know about these individuals is small. Then why do I paint them? The answer to this question is something I'm still trying to understand. When I started painting my goals revolved around technique and rendering abilities. Being able to reproduce an image in paint consumed my process and aim. It took a few years for me to realize how helpful painting could be to discover and reflect on parts of my life. Once

SS: 001

HI, First I want to say thanks for checking out my website! I've been wanting to make a dedicated blog for media, news, and behind-the-scenes material for a few months now. Seeing as how this is the first post and I just created the blog; I havent prepared an in-depth post. Therefore, I'll use this chance to ask what my readers are interested in reading about in this blog. I want to try my best to share an entry at least 5 days a week, if not 7! I'll start the next one on Monday January 18, 2016. Please send suggestions to - h.acuna45@gmail.com. Thanks, - Hector

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