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SS: 006 Questions for a painter from a painter.

What do I want to say? What is the purpose of this painting? Why do I believe in this painting? These are questions I've been asking myself regularly over the past few weeks in the studio. As a student your faculty are the ones who ask these questions during class and critiques. So now as I work alone in the studio I try to focus on these simple questions so I don't get lost making paintings for the wrong reasons. Artists are expected to have statements that share a background about themselves and their art. Right now I'm trying to not worry about locking myself into a template, considering how often I tend to change the "look" of my work. I think that keeping everything simple is the best p

SS:005 Process

Hi readers, I hope you enjoyed the weekend, I know I sure did! I was fortunate to put a lot of time into the studio Saturday and Sunday. Most of Saturday was spent cleaning and organizing my space. Now most of my tools have labels and designated places which I'm hoping will keep me more organized as well. Studios do have the forgiving reputation of being messy so I guess its not that big of a deal. Saturday night I painted a loose interpretation off of a watercolor sketch I had made in January, while at my mum's house. I forgot to photograph the watercolor sketch, however I do have a similar watercolor painting from the same day to give you an idea of what I was working from. (Sketchbook pic

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