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SS:010 Woo hoo Double Digits!

Howdy friends, Thanks for checking back into my Studio Sessions and sharing a behind the scenes look into my art making process. First I want recap a little bit about the Phantom Gallery Party. It was a huge success I think for most if not all people who participated and attended. I'm very happy and honored that I was part of the prototype/initial run of this event for Create Portage County. By the end of the night I believe I sold around 12 or 13 pieces. The amount of positive responses I received from guests was incredible. Being able to share my art with an audience is the one of the best, if not the best, parts of creating art in the first place. (Photo courtesy of Greg Wright) For those

SS:009 Phantom Gallery Party!

HI! I'm ecstatic to be included among the very talented group of artists showing art for the first ever Phantom Gallery Party here in Stevens Point, WI. Along with original art we will be offering live music, food, and drinks at the event. Total I brought 48 pieces to exhibit in my portion of the venue. Almost all of the works are available for purchase ranging in size and price. Opportunities like this are very fun to be a part of because it offers the artists more control over how to display their work, which isn't always offered at an art exhibit. Also the DIY style of the event is exciting. The guests will not know what the space will look like - an aspect of the Phantom Gallery Party th


HELLO LOVELIES! Coming to you from good ol' Stevens Point, WI where April snow-flurries bring May....? Besides the unwanted weather, April has been a rather enjoyable month in the Studio. There are a few mixed media drawings that have come out of the last week. Each face averages around 32" square, a much larger space than I usually work for drawings. Three portraits were inspired by 1 minute gesture sketches that my sister made expressions for. When I begin I use charcoal and panpastel to rough out my proportions over a few dried sprays of randomly placed spray paint. The spray paint helps to break up the surface and it helps me find a place to start drawing. I continue to push to my darke

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