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SS:013 Making a traveling studio!

WOW! Hard to believe in two days I'll be biking off on a 75 day adventure across the country! I think I'm as prepared as I can get at this point. I'm in that stage where there are endless ideas for what I could've done to be prepared or should've done. Welp, better just try to be ready for anything to happen that's my plan! One of the few parts of the trip I spent plenty of time considering was my art supplies!! After weeks of debate over whether oils would be suitable for this bike touring journey I decided against them. The thought of carrying hazardous environmental materials for a medium that didn't dry quickly seemed like a bad idea. Lately I've seen a lot of impressive gouache work and

SS:012 A NEW NAME?!!

Hi beautiful art lovers of the interweb! I'm coming to you from one of my last nights in Stevens Point, WI. If you haven't heard yet I'm gettin the heck outta dodge on a bicycle with my amazing partner in crime Megan! That's right we're hitting the country roads of USA on August 13th and will be spending many weeks (2.5 months) in our saddles. Don't worry we know we're crazy! (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: more info on the bike trip here aka another blog hah - http://hamdbiking.blogspot.com/ ) If you're an active follower of what I'm doing with my creativity don't you fear that I'll be quitting painting for the time on my bike. I already have most of my 'en plein air' rig ready to go! Hard to believ

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