Welcome to my blog here you'll find new postings every Sunday and Wednesday. Sunday Sweeps cover shop updates and a weekly giveaway anyone can enter. Wednesdays In Progress share art that's in the works in my studio.


SS:047 Sunday Sweep #2

Hello and welcome back to the Sunday Sweep! In today's post I'm going to share the monthly payment plan option in my shop, requesting commissions, my feature on Sticker Giant's blog, and a group exhibition I'm apart of with an in-depth look at a few listings currently available in the shop! There's a lot to cover so let's just dive right in! Monthly Payment Plans Did you know I offered 3 month payment plans for original art in my online shop? I've found this is a great way to offer large scale pieces for collectors who would prefer to invest in the work in smaller increments. Whether you prefer to pay for an artwork in full or across 3 months, the cost will be the same. When choosing a payme

SS:046 Welcome to Wednesdays in Progress

Hello and welcome back to the Studio Sessions blog. This is the first of weekly posts scheduled for Wednesdays. In these posts you will learn about various updates in my studio. These updates can be about current works in progress, my methods of making, the conceptual themes that orient my experimentation, and artists who inspire and influence my process. I hope you are as excited as I am to begin this weekly commitment with you. For the first Wednesdays in Progress, I want to share some visuals of ongoing works in progress in my studio. Today I spent the first half of my day in a zoom call with students from Olivet college discussing my experiences in graduate school. After that I began the

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