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Hello and thank you for your consideration in commissioning an original work! You’ve come to the right place.


Over the past ten years of my career, I've had the pleasure to create more than 40 commissions in a range of size and media. Past clients have included the UW-Stevens Point Aber Suzuki Foundation, UWSP Department of Art, Art History, and Design, Soul Low, professors, neighbors, and various friends and family. Clients have approached me to create for their own collections, family portraits, house portraits, to celebrate a friend, commemorative portraits, anniversaries, and album artwork. Each commission is special because of the people who choose to entrust their story in me. While I understand each commission is a significant responsibility, I also appreciate the opportunity to bring my own unique approach to your project. Hopefully this is why you've chosen to come to this page. Revealing a recently finished commission to a happy and satisfied client is one of the best moments I get to share! No matter the length of time it takes to complete a project; for me the reveal is always full of exciting anticipation.


Look at these past examples of commissions I've completed. This will give you a better idea of the range in media, surface, and aesthetic your commission can have. 


Here's what past clients have to say about their commissions!

img068 - Copy.jpg


"Hector created the most beautiful custom painting of my family home that I gave as a gift to my parents. The painting was stunning and Hector made the process so easy. The painting was completed faster than I could have imagined and directly shipped to me. My family all loves it so much that my sister and I even fought over who gets it in their will (I obviously won!)"



"Our painting of Miller Park is so realistic and brings great joy to our home. Everywhere we have moved we always get asked if it's for sale and of course our answer is no. I can't imagine it not being in our home."



"When we had a benefit for my father, I wanted more than just a normal photo to look at to remember this day. I thought of Hector and asked him if he could paint a portrait of my dad and I from that day. He sent a video of him making the portrait which was amazing to watch. My dad hung that painting up hin his office until he passed away. Now it is hung up in my hallway. It truly is an amazing way to honor and remember my dad and I could not have asked for a better artist to paint this portrait me! It means so much!!"



"The painting of our son MJ brings us true joy. The way Hector was able to show MJ is truly remarkable and we always smile when we see it. I look forward to future commissions with Hector."

Nosebleeds Front (Final).jpg

Jake - Soul Low

"We hardly knew what we wanted until we saw what Hector had done for us. It was like we were seeing our record. Hector was really communicative and responded well to our critiques as drafts came!"


Emmitt James

"They say a picture holds a thousand words and I believe I am one of many who would say Hector's work speaks for itself. So if you think you need my testimony to help convince you to work with/commission him for your project, then maybe you just haven't seen his work yet... Let me tell you about my experience. I commissioned Hector to do a painting that would not only be the cover of my EP Jazz Cavities II but would live on shirts and other tangible items like cassette tapes, fliers, etc. Though we had a slightly quicker deadline, he was able to commit and deliver on time all while being thorough with updates from sketch - to color - to painting. It was important for the painting to embody the concept of the EP and he definitely helped bring that alive through this piece."



"I commissioned Hector to paint the mountain where my wife and I got engaged. He did the most beautiful job, and from pictures alone! It's my favorite art that we have on our wall. Thanks, Hector!"



"The painting I got is such a beautiful representation of what I asked for! This piece will forever be displayed in my home."

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