Commission Request Form + FAQs


Hello and thank you for your consideration in commissioning an original work! You’ve come to the right place.


Over the past ten years of my career, I've had the pleasure to create more than 40 commissions in a range of size and media. Past clients have included the UW-Stevens Point Aber Suzuki Foundation, UWSP Department of Art, Art History, and Design, Soul Low, professors, neighbors, and various friends and family. Clients have approached me to create for their own collections, family portraits, house portraits, to celebrate a friend, commemorative portraits, anniversaries, and album artwork. Each commission is special because of the people who choose to entrust their story in me. While I understand each commission is a significant responsibility, I also appreciate the opportunity to bring my own unique approach to your project. Hopefully this is why you've chosen to come to this page. Revealing a recently finished commission to a happy and satisfied client is one of the best moments I get to share! No matter the length of time it takes to complete a project; for me the reveal is always full of exciting anticipation. I've learned that commissioning an original piece of art must be a multi-step process to achieve a great client satisfaction. In my experience, communication is the most important factor for a commission to be successful. So I've created a structured timeline of steps to clarify the process for commissioning a work of art.


Step 1. please look at these past examples of commissions I've completed. This will give you a better idea of the range in media, surface, and aesthetic your commission can have. 


Oil on Canvas 8" x 10" 2018

press to zoom

Oil on Canvas 16" x 22" 2016

press to zoom

Charcoal on Paper 20" x 30" 2012

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Oil on Canvas 8" x 10" 2018

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Step 2. Please review my rates for media, surfaces, and sizes. Prices are based on an equation considering the height and width of the work and media. Larger sizes are available and can be calculated through the equation. Commission prices are non-negotiable, but I'm open to suggestions for surfaces and media. All commissions are paid 50% upfront with the signing of the contract before I acquire the materials and begin the work. The remaining 50% + shipping costs are paid when the art is finished prior to shipping. If there is any concern regarding the handling of payments or production I'm happy to provide testimonials from past clients.


All prices reflect unframed art which is intentionally leave framing options to the client. I do offer handmade frames at extra cost (.08% of commission price + material cost) using Poplar wood and UV protection glass. 

All payments are requested through my site after clients have become members. Monthly payment plans are optional, however the timeline is still based on a 50% prior to working and 100% prior to shipping schedule.  

Drawing (Graphite, Charcoal, Colored Pencil on Paper, Unframed)

H + W x 20


4 x 6 $200

6 x 8 $240

8 x 10 $360

9 x 12 $420

11 x 14 $500


Painting (Gouache on Paper or Oil on Wood Panel, Unframed)

H + W x 25


4 x 6 $250

6 x 8 $350

8 x 10 $450

9 x 12 $525

11 x 14 $625

Step 3. Please copy and paste all 12 points of information below into an email addressed to with the subject line "Commission Request". Then fill in your answers to each point, if any areas are left unanswered I will ask you to resubmit your email with the missing information. If you're unsure about a certain question please type NS so that I know you would like more info. Your time completing these questions is very much appreciated!

1. First and Last Name

2. Preferred Pronouns

3. Briefly describe the idea you have for your commission request? Who is the artwork for? What is the image

depicting? What is the meaning behind this artwork?

4. When would you prefer to receive the commission?

(note deadlines must be at least one month from the signing of the contract and 50% payment, earlier deadlines are available with 20% rush fees)

5. Where would the artwork need to be shipped?

6. Is it possible to pick up the artwork in person at the artist's studio? (currently in Lansing, MI)

7. What is the size of the artwork you want to commission?

8. What media do you want the art to be made with? 


9. Do you want the artwork to be custom framed by the artist at extra cost? If yes, what kind of finish/color would you want? (natural, painted a solid color, or stained tbd)


10. Is the artwork based on a specific reference photo(s)?

11. Are there past artworks made by Hector Acuna viewable on that you want your commission to be similar to? (technique, color, style, etc.) If yes, please list those artworks or provide specific links. This aids in my ability to better envision the work. Here is a quick link to my portfolio page.


12. Along with your responses don't forget to attach reference photos you would want me to use. The photos should be of the highest quality you have access to with clear lighting. If the photos seem unfit as references I will ask you to submit better photo material prior to finalizing the contract.


And that’s it! That’s all I need for now. Once you hit send you can expect up to one week before I respond. After I look over your submission I will get back to you with a follow up on your project. If we both are happy with the timeline, process, and materials for the project a formal contract will be emailed to you. Thank you for spending your time creating a detailed submission. I look forward to discussing your request with you soon!