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Here is a selection of plein air paintings made between 2018 - 2013. During that time I lived in Stevens Point, WI then after a bicycle tour I lived with my wife and in-laws in Queen Creek, AZ. A few of the paintings were made in Brighton, WI and the Lansing, MI area. Most of the paintings were made with oils on canvas, paper, or wood panel. Some of the paintings are watercolor or gouache on paper. There are also pastel and charcoal drawings shown here too. The paintings are untitled without details until I can source that information. The image quality for these paintings is fairly low because a hard drive with higher res images crashed in 2017 and I lost most of the portfolio.  Some of the drawings and paintings were made in the studio from photographs but in the vein of landscape subject matter it made sense to include them in this portfolio. Some of these paintings are in private collections. If you'd like to inquire about the availability of one of these paintings please contact me directly. Its been a beautiful and rewarding side to my practice since first encountering this art form in 2013. Watch my Livestream recording discussing the ideas and process behind this portfolio.

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