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Home Commissions


 Home is where one starts from. - T.S. Eliot

When we look at the buildings, homes, or landscapes we've inhabited their images become signs of where we've been. The scent of a room, leaves blooming in a specific tree, and the residue of time passed in a brick wall add life and a story to the places we cherish. Architecture is one of my favorite subjects to paint either from a photographic reference or on site from observation. Buildings present characteristics, much like the human portrait, which I discover and reveal through layers of drawing and painting. My goal when painting a home or place is to document how it feels to be standing there. I design the composition around a focal point to draw viewers into the space of the work. If you're interested in a home commission, then take a look at the following steps which detail the process we'll take!


Step 1. Here are a few examples of architectural and landscape subjects I've painted. Some were commissions from images or made directly on site while others are personal projects that fit this category. Home commissions do not include people/figures. You'll find a range of media, size, and style to give you a sense of the possibilities for your commission. (click image to open expanded view)

Step 2. To inquire more info regarding a home commission please contact me directly to The subject of your email should read "Home Commission Inquiry". 

In the email body please include the following information:

1. Full Name + Where you reside?

2. If you have collected or commissioned my art before?

3. Will you need the commission earlier than 2 months from today? (rush fees may apply)

4. What is the subject of your commission? (house, building, landscape etc.) in the email attach photos (required) or street address (optional) 

5. What size do you want your commission to be? (check my shop for prices)

6. Do you want the art to be made by referencing your photos or created in person on-site for an extra cost?

7. How would you like to setup your payments? (100% upfront or across three monthly payments) 

8. Is this commission a gift? If so, will it be shipped to the location provided in question 1?

9. What is the backstory of this subject? Is there anything specific in the imagery that you would like me to emphasize?

That's all I need to understand your inquiry and gather a clear idea about what you're looking for. Please feel free to add any other important details about this commission in your email. Thank you!

Step 3. Once we have agreed to a reference and plan for your commission you must make a payment for a commission listing in my shop. You can choose to pay in full or sign up for a subscription/monthly payment plan. The painting will ship once the full payment is received. 



"I commissioned Hector to paint the mountain where my wife and I got engaged. He did the most beautiful job, and from pictures alone! It's my favorite art that we have on our wall. Thanks, Hector!"



"The painting I got is such a beautiful representation of what I asked for! This piece will forever be displayed in my home."

img068 - Copy.jpg


"Hector created the most beautiful custom painting of my family home that I gave as a gift to my parents. The painting was stunning and Hector made the process so easy. The painting was completed faster than I could have imagined and directly shipped to me. My family all loves it so much that my sister and I even fought over who gets it in their will (I obviously won!)"



"Our painting of Miller Park is so realistic and brings great joy to our home. Everywhere we have moved we always get asked if it's for sale and of course our answer is no. I can't imagine it not being in our home."

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