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Album Artwork/Illustration Commissions

In 2015 I was hired for my first album artwork commission. Since then I've jumped on most opportunities to collaborate with musicians on their album art. I've lumped illustration into this page to keep things simple. Generally my illustration and album artwork require similar tools, process, and time so their rates are the same. If you have a project that requires illustration work that is not traditional (album art, book illustrations) that is okay! I'm always open to new ideas and projects. To learn more about how you can hire me as an illustrator please follow the steps I've outlined below. 

Step 1. Here is a portfolio of commissioned illustration/album art that I've made over the past six years. I've also included other work done in a similar style or process to broaden the examples of what is possible when hiring this service. (click image to open expanded view)

Step 2. After reviewing your emailed inquiry (see bottom of page), I would begin any illustrations from a written concept by the client after a contract has been signed. Visual examples and supplemental material (music, photos, video) are all requested from the client with the written concept to help me develop a series of thumbnail sketches. I offer digital thumbnail sketches in packages of 4. Each take roughly 15 minutes to draw totaling one hour per package. One thumbnail sketch package is $30.


Typically clients will want me to further develop a digital thumbnail sketch. I will work in 1 hour segments to develop the values and basic colors (3 colors max) with a digital drawing program. Developing a digital sketch costs $30/hr. I will share updates of development after each paid hour. There is no limit to how many hours or sketches I can develop digitally for the client. Typically small details are not added at this stage. The large shapes, color, lighting, foreground to background relationships, and use of text are what is being planned at this stage of the composition.

Step 3. Once a client has agreed to a final digital composition and signed a contract to proceed, they will choose the media of the final commission (graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, gouache, or oil paint). Digital mediums are not an option for a final illustration commission. Pricing is determined once the project has been finalized. At this point I will provide an estimate(s) for the cost of the commission. Rates will include the cost of materials and hours to create including prepping materials. Prices do not include cost of scanning artworks larger than 8" x 10" if requested by the client. Larger artworks can be photographed with less accuracy. Included in each price is one hour of documenting and editing the artwork. If the client wishes to have more edits made in post production there is an hourly fee of $25/hr. I maintain ownership of any physical artwork made for illustrations. The client only receives digital copies. Original art may be available for purchase upon request. 

Step 4. Once the artwork is finished and the client has received the digital .jpeg documentation, the client shares the rights of the digital file with the artist. I as the artist still own the original artwork (can be sold or auctioned off by the artist) along with rights to: share with third parties for reproduction, reproduce the artwork for commercial goods (prints, books, posters, shirts, merchandise, stickers, apparel), use as promotional material for the artist's business. The client is allowed to reproduce the artwork physically and digitally. Depending on the scale of the project the artist will require royalty fees paid bi-annually to the artist. When less than 1000 physical reproductions are sold the client keeps 100% of the profits. When more than 1000 physical reproductions are sold the artist requires 3% of all profits which used the reproduced art. (complete details are shared and confirmed with the client in the contract signed prior to art production)

If you have decided how you would like hire me for illustration work or album art, please contact me directly at The subject of your email should read "Illustration Inquiry". 

In the email body please include the following information:

1. Full Name + Where you reside?

2. If you have collected or commissioned my art before? If not, how did you discover me?

3. If you need the illustration work earlier than 2 months from today? ($100 rush fee applies if earlier)

4. Write out your written concept for the illustration and include as many details possible. in the email attach photos if you want me to reference anything specific (required) 

5. What media, surface, and size do you want your final physical illustration to be?

6. Is there a particular style, art movement, pattern, or color palette you have in mind?

7. How will my designs be reproduced? (need specific details: only digitally or physically, both? what kind of merchandise? etc.)

8. Are there any other details you want me to be aware of for your illustration?

That's all I need to understand your inquiry and gather a clear idea about what you're looking for. Please feel free to add any other important details about this commission in your email. After receiving your inquiry I may choose to decline your offer to hire me for personal reasons I do not have to release. If we choose to work together, I will forward a contract to be signed by the client along with any required deposit or payment which will be collected through All deposits are final once submitted. I do not accept returns or refunds. If you have any questions or concerns about submitting an Illustration Inquiry please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for your interest!

Nosebleeds Front (Final).jpg

Jake - Soul Low

"We hardly knew what we wanted until we saw what Hector had done for us. It was like we were seeing our record. Hector was really communicative and responded well to our critiques as drafts came!"


Emmitt James

"They say a picture holds a thousand words and I believe I am one of many who would say Hector's work speaks for itself. So if you think you need my testimony to help convince you to work with/commission him for your project, then maybe you just haven't seen his work yet... Let me tell you about my experience. I commissioned Hector to do a painting that would not only be the cover of my EP Jazz Cavities II but would live on shirts and other tangible items like cassette tapes, fliers, etc. Though we had a slightly quicker deadline, he was able to commit and deliver on time all while being thorough with updates from sketch - to color - to painting. It was important for the painting to embody the concept of the EP and he definitely helped bring that alive through this piece."

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