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Live Event Painting

Throughout my career I've had a few opportunities where an organization or individual collector has hired me to paint live during an event. These events can include weddings, parties, concerts, etc. Ideally I would be hired to paint my interpretation of the event. This usually involves painting a background/environment, gestures of people, or a main event all from direct observation on site as opposed to working from images in my studio. What I love about working on scene is that I have a sense of the atmosphere and energy of the day which can influence the way I work. I try to find small details that make the events unique and emphasize them in my paintings. If you'd like to hire me to paint for an event please follow the steps outlined below. 


Step 1.  Take a look at this portfolio which shows what this service might look like at an event. (click an image to open in expanded view)

Step 2. There are a few options I offer for live event painting. Take a look to see if your idea is listed below. 


a. Paint Your Event! If you are looking for a single finished artwork depicting your event, then you can expect the cost to be similar to the commission rates I have listed in my shop.


Here are a few rules regarding cost for option a: Prices do not include cost of travel and lodging. If your event is at night I may require a lodging fee (TBD). All live event paintings are paid 100% upfront with the signing of the contract. If the client is unsatisfied with the painting, I can continue the painting off-site for $50/hr (max 4 hours) + any shipping and handling fees. Prices do not include tax or possible shipping costs. Frames are not included in the price. I do build custom frames using Poplar wood for an extra fee. All payments are requested through my site. 


b. Studio Work! If you want to hire me to make my own work at an event the hourly rate is $30/hr, travel costs, and lodging (if the event is farther than 2 hours from my studio). Payment must be made prior to your event when the contract is signed. I will keep the art I make, but may be open to selling or auctioning it off at the end of the event. Inquire to learn more.


c. Portrait Drawing! If you want to hire me to make 11" x 14" drawn portraits of your attendees the hourly rate is $75/hr, travel costs, and lodging (if the event is farther than 2 hours from my studio). Payment must be made prior to your event when the contract is signed. Drawing materials are provided by me. Chairs/stools not provided by me. A single portrait takes 20-30 minutes on average. Drawings would be gifted to the sitter without backing board in a plastic archival sleeve. Backing board supports can be provided at an extra cost to the client ($1.25/board). I recommend having guests register ahead of time if they wish to have their portrait drawn. Sitters are expected to be ready for their portrait within 2 minutes of the previous sitter. Sitting for a portrait requires patience with minimal movement, I reserve the right to end a session early if a sitter is unwilling to cooperate. If possible, I would like an estimate for the number of guests to be drawn at least one month prior to the event. Max consecutive hours in one day is 8 hours with two paid 20 minute breaks.

Step 3. If you have decided you would like to hire me, then please contact me directly at The subject of your email should read "Live Event Painting Inquiry". 

In the email body please include the following information:

1. Full Name + Where you reside?

2. If you have collected or commissioned my art before?

3. When is your event? (events less than 2 weeks from email date have a rush fee of $50)

4. Where is your event located? How long will you want to hire me?

5. What form of live event painting would you like to hire me for?


6. What media, surface, and size do you want the artwork to be? If portraits, how many estimated?

7. Would you want the artwork to be unframed or framed? (doesn't apply to portraits, or my paintings if sold/auctioned)

8. Confirmation that you are aware of a future contract and how/when payments are made to the artist for hire Hector Acuna. 

9. Are you comfortable with me promoting my business during your event? (printed pamphlets, business cards, stickers, posters, signs)

That's all I need to understand your inquiry and gather a clear idea about what you're looking for. Please feel free to add any other important details about this commission in your email. After receiving your inquiry I may choose to decline your offer to hire me for personal reasons that I do not have to release. If we choose to work together, I will forward a contract to be signed by the client within 48 hours along with any required deposit or payment which will be collected through All deposits are final once submitted. I do not accept returns or refunds. If you have any questions or concerns about submitting a Live Event Painting Inquiry please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for your interest!

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