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Mural Commissions

Murals have become one of my favorite ways to bring my art into the world. The murals that I've created so far have been projects organized by schools, art organizations, and cities. My hope is that I can reach a wider audience and client base who are looking for murals for their homes, business, and communities. If you have a wall and an image in mind then please follow the steps I've outlined below to learn how we can work together. 


Step 1. Take a quick look at a few murals I've worked on in the past. Some were solo projects while others were collaborative. Dimensions vary. Materials used include Latex Acrylic Paint and Aerosol Spray Paint (click on the image to view in expanded mode)

Step 2. Mural costs are based on the square footage on the wall, travel and lodging fees, and cost of materials.

Here is the equation to determine the costs of a few common sizes with cost of materials for 5 color designs. 

$10 per square foot (labor)

Concept Design $30 for four digital thumbnails, 15 minutes each

$55 one detailed/fully developed design w/color, 2 hours

$50 per 100 square feet for materials (paint, brushes, 8' ladder)

Travel (gas, flight, shipping materials)

Lodging (if wall is more than 2 hours from my studio)

Client covers cost of lift, scaffolding, water, wall prep, etc. 

ex: 10' x 10' Wall

$1,000 (labor)

  $30 (four black and white sketches - required)

$55 (detailed reference drawing/painting - optional)

$750 (materials)

+ Travel, Lodging, Wall Prep etc. (not included in price below)

Total: $1,780 minimum

Step 3. If you want to commission a mural or would like to learn more, please contact me directly at The subject of your email should read "Mural Commission Inquiry". 

In the email body please include the following information:

1. Full Name + Where you reside?

2. Have you collected or commissioned my art before? How did you hear about my murals?

3. Do you need the mural commission earlier than 2 months from today? (rush fees may apply)

4. What is the subject(s) of your mural commission? in the email attach photos if you want to commission an artwork based on a photo (required) 

5. What is the size of the wall you want to be painted? Where is it located?

6. What parts of the photos are necessary for your vision of the mural? Are there any design ideas you want me to include or emphasize? (I won't start sketching until after the contract is signed, this info helps me to imagine what kind of painting you're looking for)

7. Do you have options to house me during the painting process? If not lodging fees may apply.

8. If your wall is taller than 10' can you provide proper lifts, scaffolding, or ladders?

9. Are you opposed to aerosol paint as a medium of choice? If your wall is indoors aerosol is not suitable without proper ventilation.

10. Do you plan to reproduce my design for any promotional or commercial materials? (as a backdrop for advertising photos would count, fees may apply)

11. Is there anything else you'd like to add to your inquiry?

That's all I need to understand your inquiry and gather a clear idea about what you're looking for. Please feel free to add any other important details about this mural commission in your email. I will respond within 24 hours unless I'm away from my studio and access to wifi. Once we have agreed to the terms of a mural commission, I will forward a contract to be signed by the client prior to the start of the commission. 

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