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Portrait Commissions

Faces are the most interesting things we see; other people fascinate me, and the most interesting aspect of other people – the point where we go inside them – is the face. It tells all. - David Hockney

Portraits have been one of the most consistent subjects throughout my art practice. Conveying a likeness in the sitter was what initially drew me to portraiture, but now finding an emotional tension is what interests me most. When I was a BFA student I took numerous life drawing courses where I learned many skills in working from observation or "what I see". Since then I've developed ways to bring the nuances of working from life into my process when painting from photographs.


Step 1. Take a look at some of the portraits I've made. Some were commissioned and others are personal projects. I prefer to work within a range of loose to tight realism. Artists who have influenced my approach to portraits include Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh, Diego Velazquez, Frida Khalo, Antonio Lopez Garcia, Jenny Saville, Ann Gale, and Alex Kanevsky. (click image to open expanded view)

Step 2. To inquire more info about a commission please contact me directly at The subject of your email should read "Portrait Commission Inquiry". 

In the email body please include the following information:

1. Full Name + Where you reside?

2. If you have collected or commissioned my art before?

3. If you need the commission earlier than 2 months from today? (rush fees may apply)

4. Who is the subject(s) of your commission? / How many faces do you want to be painted? (listed prices are based on a max of two faces per commission) in the email attach photos if you want to commission an artwork based on a photo (required) 

5. What size do you want your commission to be? (check my shop for prices)

6. Do you want the artwork to be unframed or framed? (will affect cost)

7. Is this commission a gift? If so, will it be shipped to the location provided in question 1?

8. Is there anything specific in the portrait that you would like me to emphasize?

That's all I need to understand your inquiry and gather a clear idea about what you're looking for. Please feel free to add any other important details about this commission in your email. Once we have agreed to the terms of a commission, I will forward a contract to be signed by the client prior to the start of the commission. 

Step 3. Once we have agreed to a plan and reference for your commission you must make a payment for your order in my shop. I have listed four different sizes for oil painted commissions (framed). You can choose to pay in full or sign up for a subscription (monthly payment plan). Paintings do not ship until the final payment is received. 



"When we had a benefit for my father, I wanted more than just a normal photo to look at to remember this day. I thought of Hector and asked him if he could paint a portrait of my dad and I from that day. He sent a video of him making the portrait which was amazing to watch. My dad hung that painting up hin his office until he passed away. Now it is hung up in my hallway. It truly is an amazing way to honor and remember my dad and I could not have asked for a better artist to paint this portrait me! It means so much!!"



"The painting of our son MJ brings us true joy. The way Hector was able to show MJ is truly remarkable and we always smile when we see it. I look forward to future commissions with Hector."

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