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Learn observational drawing skills to effectively portray illusions of form and space in 2D art. Drawing has been the foundation of my art practice since I was a college student. I credit much of my success as a studio and plein air painter to my experience studying and teaching drawing from life. This four week class is designed for new artists looking to learn the fundamentals of observational drawing and for experienced artists who would like to sharpen their  observational drawing approach and perceptual toolkit. 


Join me for private 1 on 1 in-person drawing classes at my Grafton, WI home studio. Choose to have your private sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays from 5 - 7PM CST for a total of 8 class hours. Classes start the week of January 8th. The night you choose will determine which nights we meet for four weeks starting the first week of January. Once paid, you cannot change your night so please ensure that you are available for four consecutive Mondays from 5 - 7pm if you select Mondays. Nights are only offered to one student on a first come first serve basis (unless you plan to sign up with a friend for a discounted rate = $200 per student). If you choose to sign up for you and a friend you must pay for both of your spots so your quantity is 2. An automatic discount of $80 off will be applied during your checkout. Please add both students' names and emails in the notes of your order. 


Along with presentations and demonstrations during our class I will also provide paper and some drawing materials. You will need to have your own sketchbook (9" x 12" or larger), set of graphite pencils, eraser, and charcoal pastels and pencils. My drawing course prioritizes "process-based" learning as opposed to a "product-focused" approach. How we see and draw will be prioritzed more than what subject matter we draw. The goal is to equip each student with the tools, experience, and guidance with practice to draw any subject from life with confidence.


We will use graphite for the first two weeks and then charcoal for the last two. Here's a brief breakdown of the weekly schedule:


Week 1: Linear Drawing I (Building form through organic line accumulation)

Week 2: Linear Drawing II (Measuring form through straight line)

Week 3: Volume and Perspective (Form in planes, atmosphere, and space)

Week 4: Tone and Mood (Conveying character and meaning in form)


Along with each of these topics we will discuss some methods of composition. However, be aware this course is not design/composition-focused. 


I will arrange and coordinate our subject matter for each class with various still life arrangements for in-class exercises. You will be expected to apply the material in homework assignments and sketchbook entries between classes. You will not be graded on your results, but we will develop strategies to analyze our success through an objective lens. 


If you're interested in signing up for my January class, but you have questions or would like more information before placing your order please feel welcome to contact me directly here. 


I cannot gaurantee that this course will be offered again in future months or if more nights will be offered in January. Please make sure you're subscribed to my email list, through my contact page, if you'd like to be notified of any teaching updates in the future. If you don't live near Grafton, WI and would like to study with me check my event schedule on my homepage where I list upcoming workshops!


By purchasing a spot or two spots for this course you agree to all policies, terms, and conditions listed on this page. 


4-Week Private Drawing Class: January Nights 5 - 7pm


$80 off 2 Drawing Class Seats