Happy Birthday To Me

Oil on Panel, Barn Wood, Metal Rods

24" x 16"



Happy Birthday To Me is a mixed-media artwork that combines traditional oil painting with found objects taken from my family's barn in Southeast Wisconsin. The painting was started while I was living in Phoenix, AZ and was based on a digital sketch over an archived image. From the sketching phase I knew I wanted this painting to have a surreal dream-like quality. Using thin glazes of paint I was able to achieve a smooth glossy finish where the colors could blend between transitions. Much like other works I was making at this time, the subjects break in and out of clarity or definition. I enjoyed using this approach to nuanced fragmentation which gave the work a sense of time and distance. Bringing my belongings back to Wisconsin from Arizona to prepare for graduate school; I was eager to explore beyond the painted space to add meaning to the work. I found a stack of old barn wood panels that I cut to size to build a "room" to accompany the painting. Now the painting's mystery extended into a physical realm. This artwork provided many learning opportunities that I've continued to explore in my practice since. Most notably the act of incorporating physical space and objects into and around my paintings. 


This painting ships ready-to-hang wrapped in plastic in a cardboard box. 

Happy Birthday To Me

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