Heavy Shit

Oil on Canvas

30" x 40"




Heavy Shit is an original oil painting on primed stretched canvas. The painting was one of my first breakthroughs in combining flat and rendered space. Using bright saturated colors also pushed this piece into new territory after using a dark earthy palette for years. In Heavy Shit I wanted to rebuild what my childhood driveway was like as a middle and high school student. My family lived in a rural farming community during this time so my siblings and I spent a lot of time leaving traces of hobbies in the yard and driveway. My primary interest at the time was skateboarding. My brother and I used to watch Lord of the Rings and then try to grill hotdogs and potatoes like Frodo and Sam would in the films. For a handful of years the driveway at our house was covered with a random assortment of skateboard ramps, basketball equipment, farming materials, and unfinished projects. The title of the work is meant to poke fun at the idea of becoming a man. Without a father figure in our household I struggled with this feeling that I was supposed to be doing manly things. Its all bullshit though. Lifting weights was the thing to do in high school. I wanted to be super buff too. That never panned out luckily, but as I grew older I noticed more and more how my interests were fluctuating for different reasons. 


Heavy Shit  is being listed unframed, but artist made framing options are available at an extra cost. If you would like to purchase this painting with a frame please contact me for more information and pricing. 


If the painting is purchased unframed, it will ship stretched and plastic-wrapped in a cardboard box. 

Heavy Shit

Framing Options
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