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Intro to Value and Color Theory Workshop


In this workshop I will introduce students to two of the seven elements of art Value and Color. In painting each element works together to convey a believable illusion of space and depth.  Separately each element has strengths that we can learn and employ to achieve desired visual effects that add personality and voice to our paintings. I'm excited to bring introduce each element to students with visual examples, demonstrations, and activities to apply the material with paint. Value is an element that I first encountered 10 years ago, but didn't truly study until graduate school in 2017. Since then its been one of my favorite elements to challenge, orient, and explore in my own studio + plein air paintings. Color on the otherhand, has been an element that has excited my process to painting for years. However, like Value, Color is a powerful element that can enhance or complicate our work. With a clear understanding of each element, we can make well informed and intentional decisions about applying their strengths within our process. I often think of the elements of art as ingredients in painting that can be turned up and down for their role of significance in the image. They're always present in how we paint, but we can dictate how much they steer the process towards a desired result. The goal of this workshop is to provide students with a foundation on each element paired with strategies for further independent inquiry in or out of the studio. 


Here is what our class will include: 


  • Slideshows + Lectures: I will share a presentation and demonstrations on the terms and visual examples of value and color theory. I will root the curriculum in material that I've absorbed and interpreted through multiple years of teaching at the university level. 


  • Activity: Students will be given time to apply the concepts and definitions of value and color theory to small oil painted studies from simple still life setups. The work created in this class will not be considered personal or conceptual, but purely formal so that we can gain a better understanding of each element. 


  • Guided Feedback + Critique: All artists can benefit from feedback regardless of their experience level. Throughout the class I will be provided suggestions on ways that your work can improve based on the objective information I’ve presented. At the end of the day we will share the space to have an objective group critique. Critiques are meant to aid each of us in our skills of making and communicating the principles of art. Critiques are not meant to create competition. I want to reassure you that signing up for this class is meant to provide you with habits, tools, and ideas that should aid in your future pursuits of exploring value + color theory. I expect all students to come to this class with an open mind on prioritizing the process not the product of our work. 


If you’re interested in taking this class and would like more information please contact me at 


All materials are provided in this workshop. I ask that students only bring water, pen and paper/sketchbook for notes, and your own lunch. The hours for the workshop are 9AM - 4PM. Please show up on time as the class will start right at 9AM inside Task Creative. Feel free to arrive 10-15 minutes early to claim your spot. 


With all classes offered at Task Creative between October 13-15th I’m offering bundles to save when you sign up for more than one. 


*Images do not represent the activity or information that will be shared at this workshop. They are meant to illustrate the theme of the workshop only. 

Intro to Value and Color Theory Workshop 10-15-2023

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