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Keep It Up Neighbor 

4" x 6" Hand Pressed Relief Print on 6" x 8" 

Strathmore 500 Series Riverpoint Paper 

100% Cotton, 280gsm, Archival, Acid-Free

Printed with Gamblin Oil-Based Inks 

11 - 15 of the full edition of 15


Free US Shipping!

Orders ship in a 100% Compostable Mailer made by Noissue (thumbs up for sustainability!) and one limited edition "All Eyes" sticker manufactured by the environment-friendly Colorado company Sticker Giant! 


All orders ship with a signed Certificate of Authenticity for your specific print. Your print travels in a protective acid-free plastic sleeve with a 1/4" black acid-free foam board to ensure your art is shipped as safely as possible!


About the Print

Keep It Up Neighbor is a two layer relief print carved from linoleum block. Each print is hand printed on my dining room table by firmly rubbing the back side of the paper using a spoon to transfer the ink to the paper. Relief printmaking is a medium which presents interesting challenges when conveying light, shadow, volume, and perspective. Working with this material forced me to explore new ways to describe forms and space using three colors (two inks and the white of the paper). Before I can begin printing, each piece of paper will be carefull sized to 6" x 8". For each print the block has to be cleaned and rolled again for the next color. This process repeats until all of the prints are considered satisfactory by the artist.


The image depicts a recent character which combines the human figure with the head of an ambigous organic shape. I like the idea that a figure will be understood based on it's actions, symbols, objects, and environment as opposed to its human phenotypes. The head was initially inspired by the shapes of cut lemons and limes, Pieter Brueghel's Bee Keepers, and monsters from the sci-fi series Stranger Things. The character is placed against a rural setting beneath large flat shapes hinting at cartoon clouds. I see the image as a sign for positivity and forward thinking during a year full of challenges and setbacks. This character will continue to appear in future works alongside symbols and references of the everyday. Collecting the limited edition Keep It Up Neighbor print is a great way to begin or continue your art collection, and hey why not add some strange positivity to your everyday while you're at it! 



Keep It Up Neighbor (Salmon)

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