Original Oil Painting

Painted on 0.5" Primed Sande Plywood Panel

Unframed, Unvarnished


This listing is for an original oil painting based on a photographic reference you provide. I will interpret your image with my distinct approach to color, atmosphere, shape, and layered paint application. The example paintings are all created with photographic references that inspired each painting’s composition, palette, and level of detail. When creating these commissions I always use archival and professional materials. Paintings will take at least 14 business days to complete and longer depending on the size of the commission. The proposed timeline is non-negotiable in order to protect the quality of the artwork.


After making your purchase email me at h.acuna45@gmail.com with your reference images attached asap. Use “Commission Follow Up” in the subject line. Please attach more than one image to ensure I have access to a high quality reference with strong lighting and potential for design. I won’t begin the artwork until after we’ve agreed to the reference image and timeline. Paintings 8" x 10" and smaller ship wrapped with wax paper to avoid smearing with archival foam/cardboard in an envelope with a signed certificate of authenticity. Paintings larger than 8" x 10" ship wrapped in wax paper with cardboard and plastic inside of a custom cardboard box. 


Monthly Payment Plans:

Commissions can be purchased as a one-time payment or as a once a month subscription for a specific number of months. When purchasing a payment plan make sure you have selected the size 6" x 8" (base price for commissions), then choose your preferred plan from the lower list and select the actual size you want to commission. This is very important to make sure you are checking out with the correct final price and size. If you're unsure what the total should be for a size commission when adding up the monthly payments you can double check by selecting a size and looking at the "one-time purchase" price. 


If you choose to purchase a commission as a monthly plan be aware your bank account will be charged on the same date the following months. Please do not cancel the transaction because you will need to resubscribe through a new listing for the remaining balance. When this happens the timeline gets delayed and the payment process can become more confusing. All commissions are shipped after the final payment for the full cost of the art has been paid by the client.


The artist Hector Acuna maintains the rights to any documentation of the commission for future use in his business. This includes advertising and promotion of future commissions and portfolios by Hector Acuna. Clients are not given permission to reproduce the commissioned art unless approved by the artist.


Oil Painting Commission

Price Options
One-time purchase
6 x 8 Monthly Plan
$116.00monthly/ 3 months
8 x 10 Monthly Plan
$150.00monthly/ 3 months
9 x 12 Monthly Plan
$175.00monthly/ 3 months
11 x 14 Monthly Plan
$208.00monthly/ 3 months
18 x 24 Monthly Plan
$350.00monthly/ 3 months

Prior to shipping the artist will ask the client to confirm they are satisfied with the shared documentation of the commission. The artist is not responsible for artwork damaged once its been shipped. Commissions can not be returned nor refunded.

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