Sweet Beets and the Sugar Chief

Oil on Canvas

58" x 40"



Sweet Beets and the Sugar Chief is an original oil painting on primed stretched canvas. The painting grew out of a month of additive image sourcing and sketches. Among the symbols that float throughout the Boschian landscape, I was looking for "American" moments from online image searches. I created the painting shortly after the 4th of July 2019. I always feel strange seeing products printed with the United State flag and people consuming the image of freedom and patriotism. I've seen cowboy boots with the flag embroidered on. The weirdest thing I found online was an pair of underwear you can buy with Abraham Lincoln's face printed on the crotch. I believe they're under $15 if you're interested. Patriotism and Nationalism became central themes for researching imagery in the painting, therefore the landscape became a giant barbecue where I could invite different characters and props to the space. I wanted to create multiple moments where the viewer would question the state of belonging or social irony of symbols in the same space. During the spring semester of graduate school I was doing research about the local history of mid-Michigan's Sugar Beet industry. 


I came across a news article about the role that Latino migrants had/have played in the success of this industry. Here's the link to the article:  How Sugar Beets Drew Some of the First Latinos to Lansing


The research I was uncovering at the State Archives revealed a similar narrative that I'd been seeing more and more since the 2016 elections: Mexicans and Latinos are bad, lazy, and dangerous. It's dissapointing that political narratives like this still succeed in convincing people things about other people they've never met. Sweet Beets and the Sugar Chief is an ironic an tensions filled painting full of the hypocrisy I sadly continue to see in United States citizens. 


This painting is being sold unframed, however artist-made frames are available at extra cost. If you're interested in purchasing this painting framed contact me for more information and pricing. 


If the painting is purchased unframed, it will shipped wrapped in plastic in a cardboard box. 

Sweet Beets and the Sugar Chief

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