Gouache on Riverpoint Paper

5" x 7"


Framed under UV Protection Plexi-Glass in an

artist made Poplar Wood Frame


Tortilla is an original gouache painting that plays with space and color. I created this painting the summer after teaching a Color and Design course at Michigan State University. Teaching the course brought color and composition to the forefront of my painting studies. Gouache is a fast drying opaque watercolor that allows me to explore color relationships much faster than my oil paintings. This painting grew from a drawing of an imagined bag of corn tortillas. I began constructing a space for the tortillas with rooms leading into other moments. I don't have a specific idea for what this painting means, but I like how there's a sense of activity within the work. The pipes that shoot out some kind of transparent matter add a moment of change into the space that has opened itself up to the distant figure. 


This painting ships ready-to-hang wrapped in plastic inside of a cardboard box.