Giclee Print

8" x 10"

Premium Semimatte Photo Paper

Resin Coated

260 gsm, 10 mil



Hand signed and numbered with archival ink

Limited Edition of 10


50% of the profits from the sale of these prints will be donated to MSU's Art Student Fund. More info on the fundraiser can be found here:


The paintings developed from my interest in human relationships. Much of my work has been about what it means to belong to a community and how we can determine someone's right to belong. These paintings place mysterious yet semi-human figures against a midwest inspired landscape. In both I sense a feeling of liminality where the subject is between stages of life and in a state of growth/change. Areas of the images are rendered fully and explicitly to reveal part of the identity, while other areas remain ambiguous and yet to be defined. I like this balance because it encourages me to remain open to the definitions of ourselves. As humans we carry a lot of responsibility when making associations of places and the people who should occupy them.


Twister is a 2" x 3" gouache painting that was part of a series of small concepts for the early development of my Neighbor series. At this time I was beginning to explore the variety of shape the Neighbor motif could have. Whenever I find a new motif I'm typically fascinated by the possibilities of its representation and logic. Twister is one of the first images I made that push the shape beyond its initial horizontal and tubular form. In the sketch for the gouache painting I knew I wanted to use a traditional portrait formula in the composition. Along the bottom you can see the preppy collared shirt of the figure tucked out of a red sweater. I like the notion that this subject could be a student walking home from school past farm fields on a sunny day. However, both the shape of the head and a distant tornado present more unsettling qualities which contrast the vibrant palette of the image. Most of the gouache painting was referenced in the first layer of I Can Hear Them Talking, but eventually the image developed into something else. Its rare that I've had two pieces so directly related for sale at the same time. While I can envision both giclee prints hanging together as a set, I'm happy to offer the option of collecting them individually as well.  


Twister is reproduced at the same scale as the original gouache painting. The frayed edges in the print are kept to present the character of the original painting accurately. 


Each print ships in a plastic sleeve inside a flat envelope with backing board and a signed certificate of authenticity.

Twister - Giclee Photo Print