Wisconsin Waves

Gouache on Riverpoint Paper

4" x 5.5"


Framed in an artist made Poplar Wood Frame


Wisconsin Waves is an original gouache painting based on a popular theme throughout my work, stylized self-portraits. This small painting reflects on the memories I have of walking, skateboard, biking, and lawnmower-riding to and from my grandmother's house 1/2 mile down the street from my mom's in Brighton, WI. In the summer, the cornfields and grass would reflect the warm hues of the sunlight and bask me in to a few hours of gold light. I spent a few college years letting my hair grow long with curls. I created this painting during the summer of 2019 while I reflected on what it was like growing up in southeast Wisconsin in a farming town. I spent a lot of time on County Rd NN traveling between family homes. Even though my mom doesn't live at this property anymore, her and my grandmother own the Red Oak Restaurant at the corner of NN and HWY 45. I spend a lot less time on this road now, but whenever I'm there I find myself traveling through the many formative moments on this 1/2 mile stretch of county road. 


This painting ships ready-to-hang with plastic wrapping inside of a cardboard box.

Wisconsin Waves