Hector Acuña, Hector Acuna

Room 8 

Kresge Art Center

March 2018

When I’m confronted with questions about my ethnicity, I hesitate to find the right answer. Ethnicity is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as “the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.” My delayed and conflicted responses to these questions stem from an experience within a homogenous Anglo family and community in rural southeast Wisconsin while also being perceived as the “other”. In this short exhibit I’ve come to question the race I share with my father and the ethnicity I may not have inherited by interpreting and juxtaposing our situations. Through making this work I aim to better understand how we deem someone qualified for an ethnic group.

*** During this one-week exhibit there will be one performative action where the artist seeks participation from viewers. The wall in the room restricts the performer from the ability to see who enters the space. On Thursday March 28th, participants are asked to leave a mark in temporary ink (provided) on the performer’s right arm. The act will last from 2 to 3PM in Room 8.

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