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shop policies

All past + future purchases made through the shop of are subject to the following terms. Collectors/Buyers agree to all of these terms at the time of their purchase. It is the responsibility of the collector/buyer to review these terms prior to their purchase.


i. All art is sold as described and pictured on Art is shipped as described in the listing. All sales are final. Returns or refunds are not accepted by the artist.


ii. The artist reserves the right to reproduce images of sold works of art. A detailed request made by the artist, or related party, for future loans of purchased artwork is a possibility. The collector decides whether they wish to loan the artwork.


iii. The artist uses USPS for shipping services unless stated otherwise via email. The artist may contact the collector prior to shipping if the address provided is incorrect. In which case the estimated arrival time will be delayed unless the collector agrees to pay any added rush/priority shipping costs via PayPal. Shipping time is not guaranteed by the artist. Accelerated shipping is available at a higher cost to the collector. The artist is not responsible for artwork that is damaged during shipping and handling but will make strong efforts to avoid fragile packaging. Purchased art is available for in-person pickup at a time, location, and date set by the artist. If the collector refuses to respond to messages regarding in-person pickup within 48 hours, or does not arrive within 30 minutes of the pickup time a 10% fee of their total order will be requested via PayPal before the artwork is transferred. (PayPal account:


iv. After making a payment for art purchased at, the artist will send an email notification and bill of sale. Once the payment is processed the artist will begin preparing the art for shipping. Insurance for shipped artwork is left to the collector. All artwork will be shipped without added insurance unless the collector requests and pays for it via PayPal at the time of their order, which will delay the shipping time. The collector is responsible to request updates and information regarding the shipping process. The collector is responsible for requesting a tracking number prior to making a payment.   


Customer satisfaction is of the highest concern for the artist. Purchasing and collecting original art online is becoming more and more common which is a wonderful thing for creative entrepreneurs and independent artists. It is a top priority to ensure the collector is comfortable, informed, and satisfied with their purchasing experience. If the collector has any issues regarding their investment, then please contact me so that we may discuss the possibilities of returns or refunds.  

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