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Coming to you from good ol' Stevens Point, WI where April snow-flurries bring May....?

Besides the unwanted weather, April has been a rather enjoyable month in the Studio. There are a few mixed media drawings that have come out of the last week. Each face averages around 32" square, a much larger space than I usually work for drawings. Three portraits were inspired by 1 minute gesture sketches that my sister made expressions for.

When I begin I use charcoal and panpastel to rough out my proportions over a few dried sprays of randomly placed spray paint. The spray paint helps to break up the surface and it helps me find a place to start drawing. I continue to push to my darkest values with the compressed charcoal. During the first half of the drawing I'll work back into it with a kneaded eraser to build up a contrast and help me see the strengths in the drawing thus far. Shortly after I've approved the new/larger drawing I'll overlay pastels, and spray paint to add cooler and warmer tones.

Besides the fact that the drawings of taken from gestures of my sister, I try not to let the faces specifically identify any one person. When I look at them I don't see my sister, which is what I want. I think I'm starting to develop into an area of work where I want identity to be transferable. I prefer to find an emotional tone as opposed to a detailed render of one person. Thinking this way during the drawing allows me to put new emotions and thoughts into the drawing that are open to discoveries of the drawing.

If I can remember and if my batteries are charged I'll film my process. When I find new interests in life I take to YouTube to learn the process and culture of this interest through videos from experienced filmers. I believe that observing the process of someone do something is one of the best ways to learn something new. I've learned that its the best way for me to learn. Mainly I create and share these videos to show the life that my work goes through before its "finished" look. Declaring a piece of art "finished" is at times the most difficult part of the process. Sometimes it happens on its own and all of a sudden you just step away from the piece and never feel tempted to come back to keep working.

April started out in a new studio space. I've been renting space on the second floor of a building sitting on Main St, right downtown. It has been a great joy to hear the life that walks this part of town. During the day I need chatter and noise to play while I work, if it's too quiet I can get distracted and my thoughts tend to drift away from the creative process.

The new space is almost twice as large and has five windows instead of the one in the previous studio. Now I have plenty of natural light to work from. However, due to the frigid temps we're still experiencing I have a hard time keeping warm. Its not bad when I'm working because I'm not thinking about it. Once I sit down or step out of my enclosed plastic part of the studio that I realize how crappy this Spring is going.



Friday April 22nd

Stevens Point, WI


7PM - 9PM



Saturday May 7th

CART Center

Neillsville, WI


More Info:


Sunday May 8th

Marshfield High

10Am - 4PM

More Info:


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