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Sorry I've fallen off the face of the Earth when it comes to this blog. I've been having a few months of slow changes. I think sometimes I feel like what's going on in the studio, or my daily routines in general, don't feel exciting enough to share about. Who knows maybe its true, maybe not.

Recent News:

Since my last post which was about the Phantom Gallery Party not much has changed or happened. I've been working on and off with a few commissions. One of them is well underway of a family portrait its 4'x 3' !! I've also been working on projects for the Milwaukee band Soul Low. These guys make killer tunes and I'm really pumped to make art for them considering how long I've been following their music. (Four Years....)

- Here's an acrylic painting I made for their first single release. Listen to it here:

A lot of my time that hasn't dealt with art stuff is going towards family events like my sister's wedding on June 25th!! That was awesome and I can't believe its over and it happened and her name is different now! Yeah crazy! I've also been home to Kenosha a few times visiting family and friends. I'm currently back in Stevens Point working in the studio this week on paintings! Woo HOo!

The rest of my time has gone into preparing for a cross country biking trip to Arizona this fall with my beautiful girlfriend of four years Megan DeWall. She and I will be posting updates of our adventure on our own blog over at and posting pictures on our instagram page so give us a follow :)

We really only have a few weeks left to have our junk moved down to my mom's house before we depart in August. During this time I have a few goals to reach including finishing remaining commissions and sell sell sell art that is sitting in my studio. How I'm going to sell these puppies is beyond me. I will keep my shop on up for until we leave but I believe that I have much better luck when I set up work for sale in person. The only issue I'm facing with this is that I need a place/venue. My mother has offered her yard and barn to me when we come home in early August which isn't a bad idea. Either way I really want to host a show/sale in my hometown to give old friends a chance to collect some of my art if they want to. If you have any ideas to sell art in person or online let me know. Or if you see some of my art online somewhere (Facebook or Instagram) hit me up!!! :)

Until next time take care my people! I hope you're having a stellar summer!

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