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SS:0014 Off the road!

Hello readers,

The bike tour has come to a close and I've officially started living in Queen Creek, Arizona. Megan's parents welcomed us into their home while we figure out what our next move is. During the bike trip we talked extensively on the idea of buying a camper van and continuing to travel. While its not set in stone, we both have decided Queen Creek is a place we see ourselves until summer hits.

Leaving Wisconsin and the many friends I have there was bittersweet. Now that we have settled into the DeWall residence the future is looking very exciting and full of opportunity. Other than Megan's family and friends I only know a few people that live in the Phoenix area, but I'm hoping I can start to form new friendships with fellow artists and art enthusiasts.

Instagram and Facebook are helpful tools to start showcasing what I'm doing. However, I feel 'likes' will not give me enough satisfaction in engaging with communities. My immediate goals are to form new relationships with people who believe in the power of art, and to create a new cohesive portfolio.

As I wait for materials to ship from Wisconsin, I'm working with non toxic drawing and painting materials like gouache, acrylic, charcoal, and watercolors in our bedroom. If you follow my Instagram account ( you've most likely seen the drawings I've made the past few days. I think the outdoors will become my studio, especially as the weather begins to cool off. The first week we've been here the average temperatures were in the 90's! Too hot to sit in the sun and work.

The mountain ranges surrounding this part of Arizona are beautiful and full of inspiration for painting en plein air. If I can figure out how to pack up my bicycle I think painting trips will be happening soon. Other than landscapes or mountain scenes, I want to continue working on exploring the world of portraiture. My moleskine sketchbook which accompanied us on the trip has a handful of gestures I sketched from imagination. These gestures have been a starting point for the drawings I'm making now.

I'd love to hear feedback on what you see in these new works. If you have anything that comes to mind please leave me a comment below or feel free to email me as well. Thank you for reading and following along on this journey in my art career!

- Hector

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