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SS:0017 Transitions

Good morning, afternoon, or evening!

Today is November 11, 2016 as you most likely know we are in a week of important events. I don't feel it's necessary to badger you more than you probably have already on topics of Donald Trump and the election, so I won't. Besides the idea of this blog is to offer a break from daily life and the issues of today.

The transitions I want to write about are within my art life. Hooray.

Living in Arizona has been an easy change and I'm looking forward to what can happen in the coming weeks. Megan and I have started house sitting for her aunt and uncle until November 27th. During this time I have a few items to cross of my list

- Finish one commission, hopefully start another

- Setup a giclee print order for two custom prints to a new client in Phoenix

- Continue building a portfolio of new paintings on canvas and paper

- Search for one or two venues for a possible pop up show

I'm almost finished with the commission which needs to be done and shipped by the 15th at the latest. Here's a peek at the progress (canvas is 15" x 18")

Bear Peak is the subject requested by a close friend of mine for her fiance's anniversary gift. I've never been to this mountain before and would love to see it in person!

While house and dog sitting, I'll be able to designate long amounts of time to painting. One of the ideas I want to pursue in the immediate future are weekly vlogs to engage with my collectors, readers, and supporters on YouTube.

To keep my motivated to see this idea through I'm announcing that the first weekly video will be published on my YouTube page by next Friday 11/18

Now I just have to figure out what to film!

Thanks for reading the quick post!

- Hector

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