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Do you watch GOT? Megan and I are working our way through Season II with her parents. On our bike trip Megan started reading the books on her Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and now she's on book III! We love the series so far and we're impressed by the talent in this show. However, the one downside is that we're like 5 seasons behind what's being released so I've read and been spoiled by facebook friends who shared important details...

Like the image above states, "WINTER IS COMING". Luckily here in Queen Creek, Arizona winter is a different season than in Wisconsin. I also picked this image because of its "stark" contrast in design... get it.

If you follow my (#) heavy social media posting, you probably do because that's how I get people to my blog, then you've noticed my recent obsession with linoleum printmaking! YES! So far it's been the perfect medium to counter my painting addiction. I find it healthy to balance the type of art I do, it helps me from getting burnt out on art making.

Linoleum block printmaking is a form of relief printing for those who don't know. In relief the surface of the matrix, in this case linoleum, is inked with a brayer and then pressed onto paper. The areas of linoleum that have been gouged away and scraped are too deep to hold ink. The matrix now has a raised design which transfers to paper, but reversed. It's important to mirror the drawing before you begin carving.

This was the first block I made to test out the materials. I've made a few woodblock prints in the past, but I was out of touch on this exciting medium. Lino block printing is one of the best introductory forms of printmaking. One of the main reasons I wanted to start printing this way was because of the simple and graphic style of imagery I could make. Also I want to take my designs into other forms like clothing and other fabrics. I can work over the prints with other materials too!

Selling prints is tricky because of the number of options available and the prints don't always turn out the way you want. I've ordered giclee prints from a shop in Madison and the color came out perfect, but the paper I chose wasn't really what I had hoped. Unfortunately to learn what materials and process works best you have to pay to try them out.

This way I can make unique and original prints by hand!

I haven't decided how many of these prints I want to edition. I don't want to make too few and miss out on business, but I also don't want to make too many and have to hold onto unwanted prints.

For now, I'll leave it open and make more as needed. I've decided to switch shop hosts from Big Cartel to Etsy for a few reasons. I'd love to hear what you think about the new store. Look my up on the Etsy my shop's name is acunaart. Or click the Shop button on my website!

In other news, I've finished the landscape painting commissioned by one of my good friends/coworkers from the Wisconsin Lions Camp days. Once it's finished drying I'll have it shipped out and hopefully to her and her fiance by the 20th!!

I'm really lucky to have close friends who want to support what I do. Painting for people you love and care about is one of best opportunities an artist.

Oh and check this out...


I feel super stoked and excited to be part of this pop-up exhibit in Phoenix, and can't wait to see how things turn out. I've started building a body of artwork to show and potentially/hopefully sell. Either way I'm just pumped to meet more people who love art here in Arizona!

Please feel free to share and tag myself, camelbackartcollective, and anyone who might be interested in this show to social media.

THANKS for following up on my studio sessions!

Time to paint!


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