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November tends to be a month which helps remind us how important it is to be appreciative for what we have. Today I'm thinking about my friends and family who'm I love and miss. Without their support and encouragement to chase my goals I would've given up a long time ago. My mother especially, she's been one to help me think about the "smart plan". Well, I'm not really a plans kind of person and she's well aware of that. Somehow she's found a way to teach me how to listen to others, trust in myself, and be courageous enough to try. I will always be grateful to have her and my family in my life. They make a difference to me each day whether they know it or not.

When it comes to friends, I have to admit I'm probably to most annoying person to be friends with. Not only do I rarely answer calls from friends I haven't spoken with in weeks or months. I also don't call them very often either. I can't find a good reason to explain my lack of communication and I don't know if there is one. All I can do is apologize for how lame I can be at times and hope they still know how much I care about all of them. Chances are when I see one of my friends in person I feel as though I pick up where I left off. Being an artist can be a difficult lifestyle to justify and I hope my friends can find a way to understand how much I do enjoy their company. If only I could split myself in two and spend all of my time painting, and making memories with you.

I also need to thank the many groups of people who find interest in my artwork and voice it to me. Enjoying what someone does and letting them can be a powerful gesture to that person. I can say from my experiences that positive responses I receive from strangers or friends are what motivate to keep creating and sharing. Many times I meet people who love art, but are too self conscious about their ability to keep making it. I hope I've been able to reassure people like this, that art is for everyone to enjoy. Whether you like to make it, respond to it, share it, collect it, or support it art should be available to us all. Life without art would be a dull experience don't you agree?

This week I hope all of you who are reading are in good health, company, and are finding the beauty in life because it's all around us.

As a small gesture of thanks, and honestly a new social media experiment, I'm hosting an Instagram Giveaway! On November 25th I'll be drawing a names for a hand pressed print and t-shirt! To find more info and enter look me up:

Thanks for reading and happy painting!

- Hector


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