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Glad to see you've come back to enjoy my latest Studio Session entry! My last post was more of an announcement about donating 15% of etsy sales to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. From Black Friday through Cyber Monday I was given the idea to help contribute to this ongoing fight to protect the water sources so many of us have used and will continue to use. In the past I haven't worked hands on with events like whats happening with the DAPL. However, its hard to be exposed to the mistreatment of peaceful and unarmed protesters and not want to help the protectors.

Thankfully to four collectors we were able to donate $28.52 to!!

Donating funds from the purchase of artwork is a great feeling. I love knowing my artwork is going to someone who cares and appreciates the resources used by all people, not just themselves. This is a topic I discuss and think about on a daily basis. Why do we use and want more than we need? I see this happening with American citizens more and more.

Also, inspired by this time of thanks and giving, I hosted two giveaways on my instagram page last week. One was for a hand printed t shirt and the other for a print! Giveaways are always exciting because I might send art off to new places! This week I shipped a print to New York state, and a t shirt to Canada! COOL!

Giveaways can be a helpful opportunity to reach new people through social media. Setting up these contests are always tricky, because you never know how many people will participate. I appreciate those who chose to enter and follow the extensive guidelines! Thank you! In a few months I think I'll host another one, let me know if you have any ideas for guidelines on how to enter.

I've been fairly busy and full of new projects in the past few weeks. Megan and I house sat for her aunt and uncle in Gilbert, AZ for 17 days! The two were on a cruise trip from Australia to New Zealand! Now they've returned and we're back at the DeWall residence in Queen Creek, AZ. But now we've moved into the toy hauler! Megan's dad Daryl uses this camping trailer for hunting to carry his fourwheelers. Megan and I are happy to be out of their way in the house and keeping our mess outside! Here's a peek at what our new abode looks like until February.

Once February rolls around Daryl and his hunting buds are taking the toy hauler for a ten day hunting trip for Javelina, a southwest boar. Until then, we will be occupying the toy hauler for sleeping quarters and my studio.

In other news I've continued to make new paintings, prints, and apparel available in my etsy shop:

My print "Will We Float?" will continue to contribute 15% of it's proceeds to Here's a video I put together showing how the print was made!

Life in Arizona continues to provide opportunities for emerging artists, and I hope to put my name out there for galleries and collectors in the near future!

Two shows I will be exhibiting in are:

As the weeks get closer to these events I will release more info for each event!

Lastly, I would like to thank a few people who have supported my career by commissioning artwork for their friends/family

Anne Bolgert

Amanda Wood

Casey Christiansen

Thanks to these three women I've been able to continue funding my art making and fuel my business for the next month!

If you are interested in a hand made gift this holiday season please take a look at the various artwork I've made in my portfolio :

My updated list of prices can be found here:

As always, thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing the next set of news with you!

- Hector


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