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SS:025 Back in the San Tans

Here are a few progressions of what was on the easel today!

Painting II

Painting III

While I worked on these I posted to my Instagram story, follow me to keep up with future painting adventures

Right before I was going to pack up and leave I thought I should snap a few more photos of the paintings. Sure enough, a gust of wind blew the pad over and the paper fell to the sandy ground. The paintings still look the same but now there dusted with tiny rubble. Not exactly the surface quality I was looking for...

After these studies dry I'll figure out a way to frame them. I'm starting to acquire enough paintings to put on a small show. All I need is a venue! The Phoenix area is dense with businesses both small and chain. Over the next two weeks I have a mental note to find a few interesting venues that draw the audience I think may enjoy my work. Stay tuned to see if anything comes of these landscapes.

As always it's a pleasure to share my journey with you and I hope you enjoy the time you put into reading my posts.Let me know which one of these paintings was your favorite.


- Hector

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