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SS:029 Back in the Mobile Studio


That's right Daryl is back from hunting and has granted me with a temporary studio space! While he was using the toy hauler for the week I was painting outdoors and in the basement, both were very suitable places for art making. Living in someone else's house and trying to produce an amount of art that I'm proud of has been a challenge and an experience I'm grateful for. It's given me an appreciation for space and time needed to be a working artist. Without either life would be very difficult right now.

So here's a short glimpse at the progress I've made in my latest paintings! Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to check up on what's available in my Etsy Shop! I've been framing most of my plein air studies with repurposed frames I've found at Goodwill's and they look great if you ask me!

Speaking of plein air painting, after I finish posting this I'll be packing up my corolla and driving up to Sedona for the next few days. Camping and plein air painting will fill my schedule and hopefully paintings will fill my car to bring back and share with the world! Until next time enjoy the rest of this Studio Session and thank you again for reading!

Titanium White, Paynes Gray and Prussian Blue!

Close ups of a large one (48" x 40") Still working on the title.

This one is also untitled as of right now (36" x 36") more detail shots.

A look at the smorgasbord of color.

A clean palette is always satisfying to have after a long session. Thanks again for reading and look forward to my post following this painting trip to Sedona!

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