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SS:052 Rethinking Shirts, Giclee Prints, and New Digital Designs

A few weeks ago I released a set of hand-printed and hand-dyed shirts under the title "Indigo". The name came from the color of the dye I used on the shirts. I sold a handful of the shirts in the first week and have the remainder in the studio. Last weekend I had to create a few XL and XXL shirts and was contemplating adding prints to the first round of shirts in a sketchbook style. I've had this idea for a while, and when I asked my followers on Instagram the majority voted in support of the idea. So I've tested it on the pink shirt from the first round! Use the arrows to click through the shirts:

With this Large Pink T, I have 2 Xl and 2 XXL shirts that are headed to my shop this week. Here's a quick look at the process from this past weekend. If you want a Xl or XXL shirt, then receive first notice by signing up for my email list. The recipients of this list are notified first for new art that is released in my shop! I'll be sending out the next newsletter in a few days so don't wait to join.

Giclee Prints Are Heading To My Shop Too!!!

This is the second time I've made giclee prints of my art. In this round of prints there are two paintings that are reproduced each with a limited edition of 10! The larger print I Can Hear Them Talking is on 11" x 14" archival/acid-free paper and the smaller one Twister is on 8" x 10" photo paper (unframed). The larger print is priced at $60 and the smaller one at $25. In a few days both the shirts and these prints will be added to my shop. Both prints will be hand numbered and signed and shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity to verify your collection. If you're unfamiliar with the significance of a giclee print I've copied a quick description here from Shop Duggal. The main difference between this (giclee) and standard digital prints is the intentional use of higher-end technologies, such as fade-resistant dyes and pigment-based dyes, allowing for certain elements to emerge with more visual emphasis. (

Check out the surface details in the archival print!

iPad Sketching

In my last newsletter, I added a few of my recent digital designs drawn on my iPad. I've already started working on 3 paintings in reference from these drawings. I'm digging deeper into this new Neighbor motif. I love thinking of new ways to play with and dissect this form in combination with human anatomy! Lately my focus has been on the texture and volume of the skin on this shape. If you look closely you'll see details of hair, moles, and the planar break down of the form's volume. I've also started "breaking into" this form by drawing windows and cracks in its surface to reveal what might be inside. Fun stuff!

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That's all for now. Time to get back to studio work!


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