SS:047 Sunday Sweep #2

Hello and welcome back to the Sunday Sweep! In today's post I'm going to share the monthly payment plan option in my shop, requesting commissions, my feature on Sticker Giant's blog, and a group exhibition I'm apart of with an in-depth look at a few listings currently available in the shop! There's a lot to cover so let's just dive right in!

Monthly Payment Plans

Did you know I offered 3 month payment plans for original art in my online shop? I've found this is a great way to offer large scale pieces for collectors who would prefer to invest in the work in smaller increments. Whether you prefer to pay for an artwork in full or across 3 months, the cost will be the same. When choosing a payment plan its listed as a "subscription" and you pay the first month's installment right away and then your account is billed on the same day the following two months. Once the final payment is received, the artwork is packaged and prepared for shipping. Currently there are only a handful of listings that show payment plans as a purchase option, but if a different work catches your eye you can always request a payment plan option prior to checkout. Just send me a quick email to do so! If you have any other questions regarding payment plans let me know.

Requesting Commissions

Requesting a custom commissioned artwork from me has never been easier! In fact, just a few days ago I finalized a page on my site which covers all of the info to inquire your first, or next, commission from my studio! Click here to visit the commissions page. I offer both drawings and paintings as commissioned formats you can choose from. The sizes and rates are listed by varying factors. In the past I've been