January 20, 2016

First I want to thank those who have expressed interest in the first blog posts, it is motivating for me and greatly appreciated! 


In this blog I was asked by a great friend of mine and talented artist, Dillon Bay, who asked if I could cover how I envision one of my paintings? How I would describe the mental steps I take before applying any paint to canvas. Thank you Dillon for your thoughts I hope this will make sense to everyone. I know that sometimes my typing rants only make sense to me, but I will do my best not to get too wordy. 


I'm thinking that this topic will best be covered in sections. This post will be a perfect follow up from the previous post that discussed my subject matter and reasons why I chose the images I have for painting.


Let's begin. 


Thinking of a painting is a process that, for me, changes frequently. Some paintings are inspired by other images or artworks I have seen in person or online. Other paintings are a response to a c...

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