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En Plein Air 2023 Zine Volume 3

256 Pages

5.5" (H) x 8.5" (W)

100lb Paper

Soft Cover

Open Edition


About my 2023 plein air zine:

Volume 3 took inspiration from the first two and continued to share my portfolio of plein air paintings from 2023 with subjects and close ups of some of the work. I also included sketchbook thumbnail reproductions and other process imagery. However, Volume 3 differs in that I also included scanned reproductions of my new color charts that I made from my own palette. I also wrote seven short essays or statements that are almost like chapters on themes for readers to enjoy. My hope is that this volume can give you a distilled look at the ways 2023 differed from other years of plein air painting. 


Thank you so much to those of you who chose to back the zine during the preorder. Thank you also to everyone who helped make 2023 a successful year for me in my plein air pursuits. This book will be a wonderful way for me to revisit the time we shared together. 


Each 2023 zine will ship in an envelope. Shipping times may vary based on the time of year. All work purchased from my website is shipped by me so please check my shop landing page for any expected delays. This product is not meant for resale purposes without written consent by the artist Hector Acuna. All Rights Reserved 2023.

2023 Plein Air Zine Volume 3

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