Locals Only

Gouache on Strathmore Riverpoint Paper

2" x 3"



Ships in an acid-free plastic sleeve with archival matteboard in an envelope. 

Available for $95.00 as a one time payment or $100 as a 2 month subscription. 


Locals Only is a very small original gouache painting made with archival materials. The image is based on my ongoing development for the character NEIGHBOR. This character is designed to be ambiguous in spaces that are familiar and unfamiliar. My hope is this series will help us rethink the way we approach people who are unfamiliar to us "strangers". In Locals Only I chose to explore the characters form with twists and a body which has snake characterists. Behind the character is what I would classify as a suburban American fence. We can see the roof of a neighbor's house behind the fence indiciated this is within a neighborhood. However we don't know if the character is placed in a backyard of its own or if it is outside of someone's backyard on the "public" side of the fence. I'm intrigued by the symbolism of fences. Their often constructed of wood or twisted metal. Some of them restrict the ability to see what's going on behind them, while others are more transparent. I'm also curious how much thought went into someone's decision to put a fence around their yard and how much outside perception that hope to recieve. 

Locals Only

Price Options
One-time purchase
2 Month Payment Plan
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$50.00monthly/ 2 months
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