Gouache on Strathmore Riverpoint Paper

2" x 3"



Ships in an acid-free plastic sleeve with archival matteboard in an envelope. 

Available for $95.00 as a one time payment or $100 as a 2 month subscription. 


October is a very small original gouache painting made with archival materials. The image is based on my ongoing development for the character NEIGHBOR. This character is designed to be ambiguous in spaces that are familiar and unfamiliar. My hope is this series will help us rethink the way we approach people who are unfamiliar to us "strangers".


In October I wanted to see the inside of the head. Which meant that the head needed to be removed from a body. Therefore the composition became centered on this flying, falling, or floating shell of the neighbor head. I'm trying to familiarize myself with what I think the anatomy for the character can be. I like the bubble/rounded edges of the tubes which run long ways on the head. I also like the idea that they wrap up and under the neck almost as if anyone could wear the head. For all of these gouache neighbor mini paintings I've started by choosing the color palette of 2-3 colors + titanium white. I really loved the halloween feel of this one with the bright red grassland that edges up to the pthathlo green cliffside. 


Price Options
One-time purchase
2 Month Payment Plan
Purchase this painting for $5 more across 2 monthly payments
$50.00monthly/ 2 months
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