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Egg Tempera on Traditional Gesso Primed Birch Plywood Panel

2" x 4"


Handmade Ash and Poplar Frame with custom hand polished patina

Ready to hang


Egg Tempera has become a new favorite painting medium of mine for its soft, luminous, and quick drying speed making it a good fit for an avid drawer like myself. Ramp was the first egg tempera painting I've ever made. I started it during a livestream on Instagram where I received tips from a few artists with  egg tempera experience. The first layer was painted with only Raw Umber and Titanium White before finishing the painting the next day with Yellow Ochre added to the palette. In the painting I chose to play with a box form that angles upward with an implied texture on its surface. Towards the end of the process I made small dark and distinct marks which started to look like birds flying in a field.  As seen in the photos the surface of the painting is buffed to a soft luster which is made without any varnish or wax seal. 


Material Disclaimer: Please be aware that although my egg tempera paintings are made with high quality artist grade pigments in a traditional handmade egg yolk emulsion they may not be as archival as my gouache or oil paintings. Since egg tempera is a new medium for me, I unfortunately cannot gaurantee that the wood panel (Birch is holding up much better than Sande), traditional gesso, and other materials are of the highest archival quality. By purchasing the painting you are accepting the possibility that the artwork may naturally fade or crack over time due to effects of humidity or UV exposure. These changes in the painting would likely not be repairable. If you choose to purchase this painting I recommend hanging it in an area with little to no direct sunlight for best longevity.


Shipping: This framed painting ships wrapped in plastic with a signed certificate of authenticity in a cardboard box. Free US shipping is offered with the purchase of this painting (as long as your cart totals to at least $100).


*A video tour of the painting is available upon request for interested collectors.


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