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What are The Process Files?

For $6 a month subscribers will receive a digital file that shares scanned reproductions from my sketchbook and other forms of process material behind my paintings. The files will be compiled into one format (video link or pdf) sharing part(s) of my past or current sketchbooks with an attached narrative component either written or recorded through video/audio files. My intention is to create files that feel like an intimate studio visit into my process.

The files will range from 5-10 pages or 30-60 minute videos. 


Each file is exclusive to subscribers only. This monthly subscription is designed as an opportunity for patrons to support my art practice in a way that's similar to crowdfunding. In exchange for a carefully crafted piece of media I share, your subscription helps me cover expenses of travel, meals, supplies, tools, and scaling up my art business. 


When are The Process Files emailed?

New sketchbook files are emailed on the first day of each month. When you subscribe you will receive the file for that month (ex: if you subscribe on April 20th you'll receive the April sketchbook file not the May file). The first Sketchbook Subscription is set to be emailed on May 1st.


Subscription Details

You can choose to subscribe for one month or continuously (with the option to cancel your subscription at any time). FYI Sales Tax will be added to your order if you live in Wisconsin. 


Rules and Copyright

All media files shared through the subscription are owned by Hector Acuna. Hector Acuna maintains the right to reproduce any of the files in any way for future merchandise and commercial opportunities.  Subscribers of The Process Files Monthly Subscription are not allowed to sell or distribute any of the information or files for their own financial, professional, or commerical gain. If you subscribe and are an educator who would like to share the files with students please contact me directly first for my review and written consent to share the files with your students. Please respect the time and effort I've put into my work and process, thank you.

The Process Files - Monthly Digital Subscription

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Subscription
$6.00every month until canceled
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