Gouache on Strathmore Riverpoint Paper

2" x 3"



Ships in an acid-free plastic sleeve with archival matteboard in an envelope. 

Available for $95.00 as a one time payment or $100 as a 2 month subscription. 


Twister is a very small original gouache painting made with archival materials. The image is based on my ongoing development for the character NEIGHBOR. This character is designed to be ambiguous in spaces that are familiar and unfamiliar. My hope is this series will help us rethink the way we approach people who are unfamiliar to us "strangers".


In Twister I wanted to expand the form of the character's body. In most of the other drawings and paintings the head and body don't often fuse together. Usually there's more of an uprbupt shift between the matter of the head and the human-body. In this painting I wanted it to seem less clear whether this Neighbor had a human body or not. The movement of the neck became really eye opening to what's possible with the form of neighbor. I want to continue playing with shapes and the logic of how the head moves, operates, and processes what's happening around it. I like the fact that this one seems like the figure is frozen in-action. So far I've been trying vastly different spaces for the figure to be placed against. This one became a place that reminded me of western Wisconsin or more central midwest states like South Dakota. I've never seen a tornado before but there's something bizarre about one during a bright sunny day. 


Price Options
One-time purchase
2 Month Payment Plan
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$50.00monthly/ 2 months
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