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SS:010 Woo hoo Double Digits!

Howdy friends,

Thanks for checking back into my Studio Sessions and sharing a behind the scenes look into my art making process.

First I want recap a little bit about the Phantom Gallery Party. It was a huge success I think for most if not all people who participated and attended. I'm very happy and honored that I was part of the prototype/initial run of this event for Create Portage County. By the end of the night I believe I sold around 12 or 13 pieces. The amount of positive responses I received from guests was incredible. Being able to share my art with an audience is the one of the best, if not the best, parts of creating art in the first place.

(Photo courtesy of Greg Wright)

For those that weren't able to attend the show, here is what most of my display looked like. I should've taken the time properly document my part of the show, but of course things come up and I forgot. Brought the camera, just didn't plan enough time to take the photos. That's okay, I think there will be at least one film made of the reception that I believe Create Portage County will release.

There were a few pieces that I was excited and anxious to exhibit for their first time. It's always a weird feeling taking a piece of art that has been in the studio for months before releasing it to a group of new viewers.

A close friend and UWSP student mentioned how important it is to see my paintings in person. She said that photos don't compare or do them justice. I agree on this with all artwork I think that its hard to fully appreciate the artist's work unless you are their in person reacting to it in the same space. Things like proportion and scale to the viewer are never fully experienced through a cell phone or computer screen. Which is why I've been reminded how important it is to visit museums and immerse ourselves in culture, in person. Otherwise you are doing both the artist and yourself an injustice to the experience of interacting with art.

Ok, now that my preach session is over. I have a few announcements to share. One, I will be showing and selling artwork at a booth in the Marshfield Art Fair on Mother's Day May 8th. The day before is a reception for the opening of a new Cultural Art Center in Neillsville, WI. It's such a blessing to have two very close weekends of nonstop art!!

This past Saturday I went with a few friends to see another pop-up show in Stevens Point. It was the work of Zachary Baldus. Zachary has been a professional Illustrator since 1998. He lives in Wild Rose, WI and has done a variety of illustration jobs including a set of skateboard graphics for both Baker Skateboards and Deathwish Skateboards! After his show I had a chance to talk to him more in depth about his career and his artwork. It's amazing how close we can be to such similar people without even knowing it.

Below is a quick picture I was able to snap of Zachary's boards he designed. My twelve year old self was beyond impressed to meet and talk to this guy. I remember making up companies with logos in middle school on my notebooks and brown paper bag book covers wishing that I would design a skateboard deck someday.

Definitely go check out Zachary's artwork here:

Also, I would be sure to follow his new work on Instagram here:

To cap off the weekend I also attended the first BFA senior exhibition in the Edna Carlsten Gallery. I was very impressed with the work and the setup of the show. I hope that each artist in that show is relieved and proud of what they displayed. I can't wait to see the rest of the senior shows, sadly I will have to miss the next reception on the 8th because of the Marshfield Fair. But I don't plan to miss catching the show before then! I would advise you too as well!!

All in all, I had a great weekend and it was even better because I spent it with such beautiful friends and family!

Thanks for stopping by!

- Hector

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