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Guess what?!

Michigan State University has accepted me into their MFA painting program with an assistantship! AHH!! Just when I thought I had my plans for the year figured out I received a call from one of the painting professors with their offer. I'll be visiting the school on March 23-24th and will have time to tour the facilities, meet students and faculty, and ask questions about the 3 year program.

I'm thrilled to be given an opportunity like this to better myself as an artist and once again be part of a larger art community!

After my visit I'll share any news about the program with you here. My decision to accept/decline is needed by April 15th, but I suspect I'll have one ready much sooner following my visit.

I'd like to thank all of you out there who have supported me along my journey the past few years. Knowing I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of many supporters brings me a lot of joy to share this news with you! Thank you!!!

Here's a photo taken by a family I met while painting in Sedona a few weeks back prior to receiving the call from MSU. It's funny because a different woman I met while painting in this spot asked me what my future plans were. I mentioned getting declined by the 3 schools and assuming the same from MSU. Right before she left she said "Good luck with grad school". I was thinking how I told her I probably wouldn't get in and felt as if she wasn't listening to me. Oddly enough her words now have relevance to what may happen. Life has an odd way of working itself out!

Thanks for reading!

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