Welcome to my blog here you'll find new postings every Sunday and Wednesday. Sunday Sweeps cover shop updates and a weekly giveaway anyone can enter. Wednesdays In Progress share art that's in the works in my studio.



Hello! Sorry I've fallen off the face of the Earth when it comes to this blog. I've been having a few months of slow changes. I think sometimes I feel like what's going on in the studio, or my daily routines in general, don't feel exciting enough to share about. Who knows maybe its true, maybe not. Recent News: Since my last post which was about the Phantom Gallery Party not much has changed or happened. I've been working on and off with a few commissions. One of them is well underway of a family portrait its 4'x 3' !! I've also been working on projects for the Milwaukee band Soul Low. These guys make killer tunes and I'm really pumped to make art for them considering how long I've been foll

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