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HEYYOO READERS! Glad to see you've come back to enjoy my latest Studio Session entry! My last post was more of an announcement about donating 15% of etsy sales to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. From Black Friday through Cyber Monday I was given the idea to help contribute to this ongoing fight to protect the water sources so many of us have used and will continue to use. In the past I haven't worked hands on with events like whats happening with the DAPL. However, its hard to be exposed to the mistreatment of peaceful and unarmed protesters and not want to help the protectors. Thankfully to four collectors we were able to donate $28.52 to standingrock.org!! Donating funds from the purchase o


Hi! I'm currently donating 15% of my etsy sales through Monday 11/28/16 to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to help fund the protection of clean water against the DAPL. I hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity if you've been considering buying my artwork. My etsy shop is full of ready to frame paintings, drawings, prints, and apparel! All items are handmade and unique. Thank you to everyone has already made a purchase, it makes me unbelievably happy to package artwork and ship to you! THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING YOUR SUPPORT! PLEASE SHARE THIS OPPORTUNITY WITH YOUR FRIENDS! I've already been fortunate to donate $8.02 to support their cause and would love to donate much more! My "Will We F


November tends to be a month which helps remind us how important it is to be appreciative for what we have. Today I'm thinking about my friends and family who'm I love and miss. Without their support and encouragement to chase my goals I would've given up a long time ago. My mother especially, she's been one to help me think about the "smart plan". Well, I'm not really a plans kind of person and she's well aware of that. Somehow she's found a way to teach me how to listen to others, trust in myself, and be courageous enough to try. I will always be grateful to have her and my family in my life. They make a difference to me each day whether they know it or not. When it comes to friends, I hav


Do you watch GOT? Megan and I are working our way through Season II with her parents. On our bike trip Megan started reading the books on her Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and now she's on book III! We love the series so far and we're impressed by the talent in this show. However, the one downside is that we're like 5 seasons behind what's being released so I've read and been spoiled by facebook friends who shared important details... Like the image above states, "WINTER IS COMING". Luckily here in Queen Creek, Arizona winter is a different season than in Wisconsin. I also picked this image because of its "stark" contrast in design... get it. If you follow my (#) heavy social media posting, you

SS:0017 Transitions

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! Today is November 11, 2016 as you most likely know we are in a week of important events. I don't feel it's necessary to badger you more than you probably have already on topics of Donald Trump and the election, so I won't. Besides the idea of this blog is to offer a break from daily life and the issues of today. The transitions I want to write about are within my art life. Hooray. Living in Arizona has been an easy change and I'm looking forward to what can happen in the coming weeks. Megan and I have started house sitting for her aunt and uncle until November 27th. During this time I have a few items to cross of my list - Finish one commission, hopefully

SS: 0016 The Painting Prince of Fresh Air

This is the story all about how my studio is setup outside. Ahh what a beautiful sight! That's right this is my new domain of creative reign... oh boy this is going to be one of those posts with cheesy rhymes and mediocre puns, enjoy! I'm officially a resident of Arizona for 16 days now and things are starting to fall into place. During the last week of our bike tour, Megan's aunt Lori gave me this white table which has already become a staple for my make shift studio space. For those who haven't heard or read, I'm living with Megan and her parents in Queen Creek, Arizona. Carla and Daryl are both very generous folks who are allowing us to live with them and figure out if Arizona is a place

SS:015 Patreon, what's that?

I first heard about Patreon from a fellow UWSP Alum last Spring. At first my thoughts were skeptical. I wasn't sure if my art would be a good fit. Or that it would feel like selling out. Or that I would bust and no one would be interested in pledging to my campaign. These thoughts still go through my head. However, I decided who cares. Why not try it because who know what it might lead to. If there's one thing I've learned in sharing my art its that rarely do I understand the effect my ideas will have before I try them. When things work out sometimes it goes as planned and other times I'm surprised. To be honest, I still don't know a ton about how best to use Patreon and set up my page for s

SS:0014 Off the road!

Hello readers, The bike tour has come to a close and I've officially started living in Queen Creek, Arizona. Megan's parents welcomed us into their home while we figure out what our next move is. During the bike trip we talked extensively on the idea of buying a camper van and continuing to travel. While its not set in stone, we both have decided Queen Creek is a place we see ourselves until summer hits. Leaving Wisconsin and the many friends I have there was bittersweet. Now that we have settled into the DeWall residence the future is looking very exciting and full of opportunity. Other than Megan's family and friends I only know a few people that live in the Phoenix area, but I'm hoping I

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